Tactile Photography


We somehow still like this project of James Patten, that he presented with in collaboration with Mariliana Arvelo as part of a project about the deafblind community in Boston in 2005.  Patten and Arvelo created tactile photographic prints, produced through a CNC laser etching process, that removes the top portion of the wood. “The darker the image is at any particular point, the more wood is removed by the laser at that point” (Patten).

The result is a photographic relief that can be touched as well as seen.  “As people touch the images, the surface of the wood continues to wear, and people’s experience of the work becomes part of the work itself. […] The most fascinating part of this work for me is watching the people interact with the images, and seeing the different ways that sighted, blind and deafblind people experience them”.

>>  See more images from the show! 



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