Submissions and Collaboration

We are open for collaboration. And we welcome submissions from academic and design communities worldwide. If you have any suggestions, like to write articles, become a reviewer, share thrilling ideas, CFPs, projects or contribute in any other way, you are invited to join!

Prospective contributors may submit their essays, commentaries, interviews, reviews, pictorials, and other non-/traditional forms of scholarly writing. All submissions are reviewed by at least two members of the editorial board. We encourage interdisciplinary work in non-western contexts, as well as submissions from under-represented regions and marginalized communities. We are particularly interested in hearing from students’ perspectives worldwide. Do not hesitate to get in touch! We are also currently seeking student interns.

Become a Reviewer

Peer review is an integral part of the scholarly publishing process. As a reviewer, you are supporting the academic community by providing constructive feedback on basic, experimental and innovative research, helping to ensure both the quality and integrity of published work in your field. As a DESIGNABILITIES reviewer, you may be asked to undertake reviews of scholarly articles that match your research interests. Of course, this includes the option to decline an invitation to review. Also the Editorial team will take care not to overburden our reviewers with exorbitant requests.

All journal content, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.