DESIGNABILITIES is an open-access journal established since 2009, managed and edited by Tom Bieling. We collect, document, announce, criticise, review and discuss projects, concepts, products, methods and theories within the range of design, science, technology, art, politics, philosophy, architecture, history, urbanism, activism, migration, gender, inclusion and pop culture. This includes articles, book reviews, interviews, as well as announcements or reports from conferences, lectures and exhibitions. It also includes the transdisciplinary discussion on the progress of our own research projects.

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DESIGNABILITIES is an internationally peer assessed journal which welcomes submissions from designers, researchers, artists, academics, curators and critics which seek to engage with all areas of research for, about or through design. Submissions may take the form of analytical or polemical essays, interviews, reports and reviews as well as audio, visual or text-based artworks which seek to address issues in / or are the outcomes of Design research, -practice or -theory. We also welcome interdisciplinary articles which address questions in the context of philosophy, politics, science and the humanities.

Written submissions should normally not exceed 4000 words and be submitted as Word attachments. Abstracts of about 100 words should be included. If you are intending to submit experimental text formats, audio or visual artwork for consideration please contact editors in advance with an outline of your proposal and its relation to your practice and research.

All submissions considered for publication by editors will be forwarded for peer review by nominated assessors of each issue.

Submissions should be sent to the chief-editor.

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