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Richard Sennett on “Democratic Technology”

In order to understand and to deal with contemporary societies, different concepts are possible or necessary. Some of the essential elements in Richard Sennett’s work to do so, are related to the notion of Work, Capitalism, City and also to … Continue reading

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In loving memories: Heiner Jacob

Today, two years ago, Prof. Heiner Jacob passed away. He still keeps on inspiring a whole generation of KISD Alumni, Design Scholars and Designers across the globe. Thanks Heiner!

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Reaktive Voodoo-Puppen

Im Rahmen der CodeWeek veranstaltet das Design Research Lab heute einen Workshop mit Schülerinnen und Schüler der Oberschule in Frankfurt (Oder). Unter dem Überthema “Smarte Textilien” wird gemeinsam mit leitendem Garn und textilen Sensoren experimentiert, „weiche“ Schaltkreise entwickelt und dabei spielerisch erörtert, wie man interaktive … Continue reading

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Brave New World (Lodz Design Festival)

The 8th Lodz Design Festival, starting tonight, features several projects providing a reinterpretation of the Brave New World motto. Generally asked: Does bold designing entail a promise to change your life for the better? How does it affect the process of building … Continue reading

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Inklusion und Innovation

“Verschiedenheit zur Normalität werden lassen”. “Teilhabe zur Selbstverständlichkeit erheben”. So klar die Wünsche und Forderungen der jüngsten Debatten rund um Inklusionsthematik auch formuliert sind, so deutlich wird auch, dass es gerade in Unternehmen vielfach an erprobten Konzepten mangelt und Träger … Continue reading

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“Die digitale Arbeitswelt gestalten!”

“Die digitale Arbeitswelt gestalten!” Unter diesem Motto findet heute die 6. Engineering- und IT-Tagung der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung in Kooperation mit der IG Metall in Rüsselsheim statt. Im Fokus stehen dabei auch Themen wie das Recht auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung als Voraussetzung dafür, … Continue reading

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Accelerate, Empower and Represent!

Accelerate! The accelerationist reader Armen Avanessian & Robin Mackay (Ed.) The term Accelerationism, describes a contemporary political heresy, which is the insistence that the only radical political response to capitalism is not to protest, disrupt, critique, or détourne it, but to accelerate and exacerbate … Continue reading

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CinemAbility (Documentary Trailer, 2013)

The US-documentary “CinemAbility” examines the ever-changing portrayals of disability story lines in film, TV and the web to see if the media has had a hand in transforming the societal inclusion of people with disabilities. It takes a detailed look at the … Continue reading

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Lebenswert – ein Magazin über Menschen mit Behinderung

Inklusion, Teilhabe, Gleichstellung. Bei kaum einem anderen Thema herrscht vergleichbar große emotionale Lethargie wie im Umgang mit Behinderung. Was darf man sagen, wohin darf man schauen, wann darf man lachen? Immer neue Regeln erschöpfen einen eigentlich spannenden Diskurs. In medialen … Continue reading

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Book Reviews (german)*: mashup cultures, design act und was der Mensch wirklich braucht

mashup cultures edited by Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss Wien [Springer] April 2010, 156 Seiten, circa 32 EUR. ISBN 978-3709100950 Eine ebenso erhellende wie unterhaltsame Kompilation über Techniken und Praktiken der MashUp-, Remix- und Sampling Kultur. Mal meta-analytisch, medientheoretisch, mal anwendungs-orientiert und mit … Continue reading

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[Theometrica (by Oscar Palaou and Alexander Müller-Rakow); Foto: T. Bieling] A couple of days ago, we mentioned the Theometrica Installation, which will be exhibited until december 13. For those, who won’t be able to see it…here is a little video!

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German TV report about some of our work…

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Vortrag Elke Bippus (18.11.2013): Epistemologien des Ästhetischen: Mikropraktiken eine (andere) Wissensform?

Die Berliner RingvorlesungAnderesWissen-WS13-14 fragt nach der Alterität künstlerischen Wissens. In der Spannung oder auch Balance zwischen einem konsistenten Wissensbegriff und dem Besonderen, gar Anderen eines künstlerischen Wissens, liegen Reiz und Herausforderung der Fragestellung. Warum werden die Künste überhaupt unter der Kategorie Wissen erfasst? … Continue reading

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Book Review: Mobile Food and Foodhunting by Joseph Carlson

Mobile Food and Foodhunting by Joseph Carlson [Winwood48 Edition] Jedermanns Sache wird die eigenwillige Buchgestaltung vermutlich nicht sein. Und auch  die einzelne Textzeile, die sich mittig über die komplette Buchlänge erstreckt, und dabei Assoziationen zu einem Straßen markierenden Mittelstreifen weckt, … Continue reading

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“Medien schaffen Wirklichkeit – Journalistinnen und Journalisten wissen das und bedienen sich leider dennoch häufig einseitiger Sprachbilder, Floskeln und Klischees. Formulierungen wie „an den Rollstuhl gefesselt“ oder „leidet an“ lassen negative Bilder im Kopf entstehen, die das öffentliche Bild behinderter … Continue reading

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Biohackers: A Journey into Cyborg America

The Verge’s Ben Popper explores the world of biohacking, where DIY cyborgs are pushing the bleeding edge of human enhancement. From basement labs to piercing shops. A documentary about the “grinder” culture that hopes to merge man and machine.

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Cybernetics for the Masses

Lepht Anonym on biohacking, implants, sensory extension, silicon and on how to hack your own perception of electromagnetic radiation for approximately thirty Euros.

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DesignInquiry | Design City Berlin | Call for Participation

Design Research Lab Berlin is collaborating with DesignInquiry on another experimental workshop-format that will take place in 2012. Our friends and colleagues Alexander Müller-Rakow and Florian Sametinger have been organizing this promising Berlin event, and DESIGNABILITIES is pretty much looking forward to it! … Continue reading

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Impressions from “Falling Walls Lab”…

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Tom Bieling wins 2nd Place at Falling Walls Lab 2011

100 ideas, 3 minutes, 1 day. At the Falling Walls Lab in Berlin, 100 inspiring people presented their breakthroughs. DESIGNABILITIES Initiator Tom Bieling was one them….and won the second place. Congrats! [Chairmen of the falling walls lab jury, Ernst Th. … Continue reading

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Feature Discussion ‘Before and After Critical Design’

After our last lively feature discussion in april there will be another interesting one this friday. This time it will be in English again. The discussion is open for everyone to join. Looking forward to your contributions! Feature Discussion ‘Before … Continue reading

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“Piercing a Tongue, in the Name of Mobility”

This project just caught our attention: A system, where the user wears a headset with sensors that pick up magnetic signals from a tongue ring. Moving the tongue to the mouth’s corners, moves the wheelchair forward or backward etc… The … Continue reading

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Im Werden begriffen – Designperspektiven für Berlin (ARCH+ 201/202)

[ARCH+ issue 201/202 on Berlin; Cover by Meiré und Meiré] The german magazine for archicture “ARCH+” recently published this one: “Im Werden begriffen – Designperspektiven für Berlin Von Bieling, Tom Berlin, Stadt der Kreativen. 2006 zur „UNESCO City of Design“ ernannt, … Continue reading

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Geek love by Katherine Dunn

Susanna Hertrich recomended this one to us, since it seems to fit perfectly in our topic. She says: “Slightely disturbing novel of a circus family of “freaks” that questions our understanding of normality. Expect weird sexual festishes, strange cults, crazy tyrants, … Continue reading

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“We have never been…” – Rule of Three.

In Per-Olof Hedvall’s Book “The Activity Diamond – Modeling an Enhanced Accessibility”, which he elaborated at Lund University’s Department of Design Sciences, he assembles three quotes, to be shared here now. The first two of them are surely pretty popular. … Continue reading

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Making digital things graspable – Fabian Hemmert’s Talk at TEDxBerlin

Recently our colleague and friend fabian gave a fantastic presentation at TED‘s satalite in Berlin. Who missed his thoughts on ‘humanizing technology’ should check it out her:

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The Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL), created by Cyberdyne Corporation to “upgrade existing physical capabilities of the human body”, weigths 23 kg and is comprised of robotic limbs and a backpack containing the suit’s battery and computer system. The HAL suit … Continue reading

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The Voder: first attempt to synthesise human speech

“The Bell Telephone Laboratory’s Voder* was the first attempt to synthesise human speech by breaking it down into its component sounds and then reproducing the sound patterns electronically to create speech. That sounds simple in theory and, in fact it … Continue reading

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Accessible Wadden Sea

Mobility in the mudflat… [Picture (now anonymised) found at: buesum24]

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Roller Disco?

[picture source: unknown] How might we bring assistive products/technologies and aspects/activities of entertainment to a fruitful and enriching fusion? Let’s take pictures like the one above as a though-provoking source of inspiration.

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Computer learns Sign Language

Researchers at the Universities of Oxford and Leeds have been experimenting with a tracking system: simply by watching TV the computer learns to match subtitles and Sign Language… The following short clip is german:

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Robot People – Super human strength by wearable power assist suits

Besides the questions about hoe environment changes the body and vice versa, we like to ask further questions related to embodiment: What belongs to a body and what not? When does a body stop be be human, and when does … Continue reading

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Disability Not Inability

This sticker was send to us by a friend. He does not know, where it comes from, and neither do we. However we are consistent with the idea behind it…

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Webbed Toe Piercing

With interest we recently received a hint on some kind of “trend”, called webbed toe piercing. Some people with who have toes that are fused by soft tissue, do it. Apparently, this area is a very safe spot to pierce … Continue reading

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Interview with Graham Pullin

[MITpress] Chris Gondek interviews Graham Pullin, the author of Design Meets Disability. (Besides an interview with Charlie Hailey, author of “Camps”). Listen to the interview!

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Blind learn to see with tongue

Remember the game from the childhood, where you would drew pictures on somebody’s back, who then had to guess what it was? This one here is quite similar…

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Accessibility – equal rights for everybody

As  a food for thoughts on the general discussion on accessibility, we like to share this poster with you. The poster is part of the latest campaign by AKTION MENSCH (

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Climbing stairs with a wheelchair

Although this project does not totally match with the main focus of our research topic, we still like to take a closer look to the iBot (Individual Balancing Optimized Transporter). As a four wheeled chair, it bumps up kerbstones. On … Continue reading

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