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Becoming Animal – How our Relationship with Nature, connected with the Senses, has developed to where we are now.

[A Film Review] Dorit Nafshy „As we humans are spending more and more time entranced by our artifacts, caught up in a dazzle of the digital screen, it enables us not to notice, not to feel, what’s really going on … Continue reading

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Auf dem Weg zu künstlich hergestelltem Leben – Von Designer-Bakterien zum Designer-Menschen?

Bislang, durch entsprechende Manipulationen der äußeren Welt, formte der Mensch die Natur. Inzwischen haben wir einen Punkt erreicht, an dem die Technologie beginnt, den Menschen zu formen. Dass das Editieren unserer Gene sowohl in utopische als auch dystopische Szenarien münden … Continue reading

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Human Enhancement – The Role of Art and Design

Already mentioned before, but in context of certain art and design positions in terms of human enhancement technologies we would like to draw attention again to some of the RCA (Royal College of Art, London) projects in this field: The Methods Network was … Continue reading

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German Books on enhancement, bioethics, body aesthetics and transhumanity.

In context of our latest book recommendation we would also like to mention a couple of german publications around the enhancement debate. First of all the nicely compiled “No body is perfect” (Editors: Johann S. Ach, Arnd Pollmann), which compiles 17 … Continue reading

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Book: Human Enhancement

In a recent publication the editors Julian Savulescu and Nick Bostrom compile several positions in the enhancement debate, basically gathering around the question, to what extent we should use technology to try to make “better human beings”, which undoubtfuly guides towards … Continue reading

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Mixed Feelings (Documentary)

Thanks to our new team member Ulli, for pointing our attention to this intersting Documentary on the evolving convergence of technology and the humany body, especialy in “health” context:

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Andy Miah speaks at our Research Colloquium (November 22)

On November 22 (Monday), Andy Miah gives a talk at our T-Labs’ Research Colloquium. Don’t hesitate to spread to spread the word and feel free to join! *** Research Colloquium *** Date: 22.11.2010 Time: 14.00 – 15:30 Location: Deutsche Telekom … Continue reading

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Zwischen Mensch und Maschine – Vom Glück und Unglück des Homo Faber

„Technisierungsprozesse sind dann problematisch …, wenn sie die Offenheit des Menschen nicht mehr befördern, sondern unterlaufen. Dies ist etwa dann der Fall, wenn die neurotechnologische Option als einzige Selbstentfaltungsmöglichkeit gesehen wird.“ Mit dem Buch “Zwischen Mensch und Maschine…” beschert des Philosophen … Continue reading

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Trans-humanism and Post-Humanism

Following up our recent discussions on Transhumanism, here are three more short documentaries touching some of the major issues of the transhumanist movement, between critical positions of posthuman utopia and the ultimate “scientific dictatorship”. Genetics, robotics, technocracy, artificial intelligence, bionics … Continue reading

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Mashing Up Computing & Biology

Andy Miah at the Amplified Leicester group in December 2009,  talking about transhuman ideas of transforming digital bodies to enhanced Humans, and other related ‘cyborg’ topics…

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