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senseAbility – Mediale Praktiken des Sehens und Hörens (#BookReview, german)

Wer Hören und Sehen als zwangsläufig natürlich gegebene Fähigkeiten interpretiert, geht unweigerlich auch davon aus, dass als „unnatürlich“ gilt, wer nichts hört oder sieht. Was aber, wenn wir beides als Praktiken begreifen, die sich eher als Effekte technologisch bedingter Handlungszusammenhänge ergeben? … Continue reading

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Rebecca Horn (Video, 1974)

After we have reported on Rebecca Horn’s project here recently, especially about here project “Finger Gloves”, we found one of the videos we were actually looking for. Here it is:

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One Day blind in Berlin

Check out our video from our Self Experience “One Day blind in Berlin” (we reported from it in november here!): How do blind people navigate in public areas? How do sighted people react on a blind person? How does it … Continue reading

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Seeing with Sound

A computer based camera tracking system, that converts images into sound…

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Baby-sign-language – to communicate with babys before they speak

Babyzeichensprache – mit Babys kommunizieren bevor sie sprechen können The idea came from the USA in the 1980s. Scientists found out that hearing children from deaf parents were much earlier able to communicate than hearing children from hearing parents. In … Continue reading

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Sense Parcour (Workshop Review)

In our Sense-Parcour-Workshop (17 august 09), we discussed and experienced the “sense” with kids and teenagers, that actually don’t have visual or accustical impairment. What is it like, when you can suddenly not hear or feel any more? How about … Continue reading

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Multimodal Communication System

In the framework of our research, we have been doing several workshops with people with different abilities/disabilities (The latest one was with deaf people on august 13, the next one will be with hearing and sighted people on august 25). … Continue reading

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Blind Massage

[Foto: T. Bieling] A little bit bored I zapped through the TV today. For a couple of minutes some stupid documentary about massaging got my attention. At least for one aspect: It said, that when giving a massage with covered … Continue reading

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