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„It’s like theater“ – Soziale Konzepte von Gender und Körperlichkeit in Ari Asters Midsommar

von Sarah Reininghaus und Julia Willms Der vorliegende Artikel plant Entwürfe und Repräsentationen von Weiblichkeit im Zusammenhang mit Körperlichkeit und damit verstärkt Frauenfiguren[1] in Ari Asters Midsommar[2] in den Blick zu nehmen. Das Ziel ist es, anhand dieses populär-relevanten Beispiels … Continue reading

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The Publishing Sphere – Ecosystems of Contemporary Literatures. #Review

“The realm of writing has never been so extensive; nor has the idea of publication ever been so plural. Not a day passes without a great percentage of humanity publishing one or numerous texts: on a blog, a social media … Continue reading

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About ‚Ethics in Design’.

The 105th College Art Association CAA Annual Conference, with its more than 250 Sessions, is considered to be one of the largest international gatherings of professionals and research in the visual arts environment. Andréa Poshar went to New York City in … Continue reading

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Things to Come. Science – Fiction – Film (Exhibition Review)

        How will the future look like? How will we work, communicate, travel, – live? How will new technological devices be integrated into our daily lives? Which impact will upcoming designs have on us? Those are questions … Continue reading

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Hacking (Book Review, german)

Seit mit Beginn der 1980er Jahre der Typus des Hackers durch Film- und Literatur im popkulturell unterfütterten Mainstream auf der breiten Bildfläche erschien, bewegt sich sein begriffliches Wechselverhältnis zwischen Kriminalisierung und Heroisierung. Mit der Debatte um Sicherheit, Überwachung, Zensur und … Continue reading

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Konkrete Utopien: Die analoge Revolution

Vernetzt und “always on” zu sein gilt als das Lebensgefühl des 21. Jahrhunderts schlechthin. Angesichts eines anwachsenden “Internets der Dinge” wird sich unser Verhältnis zur permanenten Verbundenheit vermutlich in mehr als eine Richtung der Extreme intensivieren. Im Lichte einer sich konstituierenden “Technatur” führt der … Continue reading

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Die Mobilisierung des Körpers (Conference Report)

“Die Technik rückt dem Menschen auf den Pelz”. Christoph Asmuth wählte ein eindringliches Bild als Eröffnungs-Statement für das Symposium „Die Mobilisierung des Körpers“ am Dresdner Hygienemuseum. Rund 50 Teilnehmende waren gekommen, um sich an zwei Tagen über vergangene, gegenwärtige, zukünftige, … Continue reading

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Universal Design – Versuchter Bericht vom Fachforum

Gern hätten wir an dieser Stelle vom Fachforum  “Universal Design – Unsere Zukunft gestalten” berichtet, welches das IDZ (Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin) mit dem Kompetenznetzwerk Universal Design heute am Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend veranstaltete.  Ein Beginn mit Verzögerung, … Continue reading

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Universal Design Conference 2010 – Report from Hamamatsu

Colleague and friend Stefan Goellner just got back from his trip to Japan, where he visited the 3rd International Conference for Universal Design in Hamamatsu. His conference report for the DRNetwork is being shared here: Universal Design – strongly supported … Continue reading

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Book Review: Care in Practice –

[Annemarie Mol, Ingunn Moser, Jeannette Pols (eds.) Care in Practice – On Tinkering in Clinics, Homes and Farms 326 pages, 35,80 €, ISBN 978-3-8376-1447-3] In a recent transcript publication «Care in Practice – On Tinkering in Clincs, Homes and Farms», Ingunn … Continue reading

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Selfexperience Day

Last week, we went out on the street trying to find our way and find out more about being blind in public. We called it our selfexperience day, on which we explored orientation and navigation in Berlin with a white … Continue reading

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Sign Language Course – 5th lesson report

We learned some more interesting aspects about sign language in our latest class in DGS (German Sign Language). One aspect was the grammatical setUp of subject-object-verb (in difference to german grammatic). That means, a typical sentence would be built like … Continue reading

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“A blind person’s interactions with technology”

We found an interesting Article about “A blind Persons Interactions with Technology” in the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) by Kristen Shinohara and Josh Teneberg from the University of Washington. The study is an in-deapth exploratory and descriptive case study … Continue reading

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Unvollkommen schön (imperfectly beautifull)

The german newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” published a review on Tobin Siebers’ latest book and on Christian Mürner’s and Udo Sierck’s Book about the “Krüppelzeitung. Here’s the article…

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Deaf StreetLab (Review)

Our Workshop with with deaf Teenagers at the StreetLab (13 august 09) was interesting and fun. We had two Sign Language Translators to support us. We talked about specifics and properties of Deaf Life. What are typical problems for Deaf … Continue reading

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Sign Language Course – 2nd Lesson Report

Almost we forgot to upload Sarah’s report of our second lesson at the sign language course. There it is: We got so far that time, Raoul could tell us a joke at the end of the lesson. It took a … Continue reading

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Sign Language Course – 3rd Lesson Report

In our third lesson in Sign Language, we learned some more basic words, we learned how to “mirror” geometrical forms, played “silent post” (”stille Post”) – of course only by signing – which was again pretty fun. We furthermore got … Continue reading

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