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Die Mobilisierung des Körpers (Conference Report)

“Die Technik rückt dem Menschen auf den Pelz”. Christoph Asmuth wählte ein eindringliches Bild als Eröffnungs-Statement für das Symposium „Die Mobilisierung des Körpers“ am Dresdner Hygienemuseum. Rund 50 Teilnehmende waren gekommen, um sich an zwei Tagen über vergangene, gegenwärtige, zukünftige, … Continue reading

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Prosthetics and Cybernetics

“Prosthetic arms and legs are beginning to approximate the functionality of our natural limbs”. Rob Spence aka the “Eyeborg” (a self proclaimed cyborg who lost an eye replaced it with a wireless video camera) investigates prosthetics, cybernetics and human augmentation. … Continue reading

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Human Augmentation

John hockenberry and Hugh Herr at MIT world on human restauration and augmentation… watch the full clip here!

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The end of “normal” human functioning in sports – Is the world ready for “cyborg” athletes?

[Pitorius] Already some time ago, Sentient Developments posted an interesting article on the general discussion of the use of prosthetic help in sports. On the occasion of the example of double-amputeed runner Oscar Pitorius, it raised the question, whether his prosthetic legs give … Continue reading

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Francesca Lanzavecchia’s thesis project ‘pro aesthetics supports’ explores the perception of disability through its artefacts. In her project she redesigned common medical artefacts associated with disability such as neck braces, canes, crutches and back braces. [The aid-object grows to accommodate the … Continue reading

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USB Finger

Jerry Jalava, after loosing his finger in an accident, has now embedded a 2Gg USB stick in his prosthesis.  Watch more pics of this practical construction on his flickr!

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Re-evaluating body and material

[Benetton; Food for Life; Campaign 2003 ] We have been discussing the corelation of “disabilities” and “abilites”, as well as it’s perspectives for practical use, mis-use and re-use of body and material for quite a while now. Well, the picture above, taken from the 2003’s benetton- and world-food-programme … Continue reading

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iPhone as a Hearing Aid?

[picture: soundAMP; AppStore] iPhone’s App Store recently added soundAMP, a hearing aid application available for $9.99. The app basically takes everything that reaches the phone’s microphone, and makes it louder. Manually adjustment and choose from different equalizer settings are possible. It also … Continue reading

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Redefining what the body can be

[picture: cover of I.D. magazine]   In her recent TED talk, record-breaking Aimee Mullins (paralympic games 1996), who is also known as an actress and model, talks not only about how her high-tech legs are giving her super-powers, but takes … Continue reading

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