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Fotowettbewerb “Geliebte Technik” (Ambient Assisted Living)

Zeigen was Technik alles kann! Der berufsbegleitende Masterstudiengang Ambient Assisted Living der HTW Berlin sucht im Rahmen des Fotowettbewerbs 2014 kreative Fotografien, die zeigen wie Technik geliebt und gelebt wird. Sie haben ein technisches Produkt oder selbst gebaute Technik, die Sie in … Continue reading

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Book Review (german): Cairo – Images of Transition. Perspectives on Visuality in Egypt 2011-2013 // Mikala Hyldig Dal (Ed.)

[Transcript, September 2013, 186 S., kart., 34,90 €; ISBN 978-8376-2615-5] Wie dokumentiert man Geschichte, die gerade selbst im Begriff ist geschrieben zu werden? Wie lässt sich demokratisches Verständnis visualisieren? Und wer sind die Akteure wenn sich Geschichte als Bild manifestiert? … Continue reading

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Seeing beyond Sight – Photographs by blind teenagers.

 Seing the world through blind person’s eyes?! Tony Deifell presents his photography project with blind teenagers on his website. There is also a video about the project 

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Strange Interactions

In her Foto series “Strange Order”, hamburg based Sonja Vordermaier comes with some inspirational new ways of interaction (here: armless, with a teapot). Find more of her stuff at:

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The term calligraphy usually evokes an image of beautiful writing and lettering. The series in Jolanta Lapiaks photocalligraphy body of works called Photospeaking and/or Photowriting inspects the notion of calligraphy and deconstructs this notion. “a splendid flash of concrete poetry”, Photospeaking … Continue reading

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Lick the Sun – Beauty and the body modification

Sydney-based digital artist Brian Walker creates scenes that meld illustration and fashion with an element of surprise. Stemming from a passion for illustration to depict his ideas and concepts of surrealist landscapes and characters, Walker uses photography as a tool … Continue reading

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Body and mind modifications

[Le therapie de Elodie; Graphic via milkandcookies] This shall only be some kind of visual input to our thoughts on the corelation of “disabilities” and “abilites”, and re-inventing and re-evaluating the body. Both pictures come from the amazing output of the belgium-based … Continue reading

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Clackastigmat 6.0

The Berlin based photographer Oliver Möst uses his visual impairment (short-sighted) as an actual visual power and transfers it to a special technique of photography: He reconstructed his AGFA CLACK, by attaching his own eyglass lens (strength: 6 dipotrine), wich … Continue reading

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… a research blog developed and run at      

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