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BERLIN UNLIMITED (Urban Arts Festival)

  Probably unlike those of any other city the limits of Berlin have changed and evolved throughout the last hundred years, transforming the urban fabric as well as the way the city is used, inhabited and comprehended. Only 25 years … Continue reading

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Akademie der Asozialität

[“Teilen heißt jetzt share. Gefällt mir nicht!”] Christiane Kühl kuratiert beim Steirischen Herbst die “Akademie der Asozialität”, in deren Rahmen sich Künstler, Historiker und Soziologen mit erzwungener Teilhabe auseinandersetzen. Der Begriff und die Praxis des Teilens werden heutzutage maßgeblich durch die digitale Vernetzung … Continue reading

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Mensch Raum Maschine – Bühnenexperimente am Bauhaus (Book Review)

Dass es im Bauhaus als Hochschule für Gestaltung nicht ausschließlich um den alltagsrelevanten, ganzheitlichen Gestaltungsansatz ging, zeigt bis zum 21. April die Dessauer Ausstellung »Mensch Raum Maschine – Bühnenexperimente am Bauhaus«. Begleitend dazu skizziert der von den Kuratoren Torsten Blume … Continue reading

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PACHA — Kollisionen von Tanz und Design

Im Rahmen der “Kollisionen 2014” (UdK) sah das Projekt PACHA eine Serie von Experimenten und Improvisationen vor. Ziel des Projektes und seiner Teilnehmer war es, sich mit Objekten und Materialien in RaumZeit-Konstellationen zu befördern, deren Wechselwirkungen Klang erzeugen. Aufgrund der … Continue reading

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RHEINBERGER + MAKINO (Lecture + Performance); Berlin 13. November

Lecture, Performance SYSTEMS, RELATIONS, SITUATIONS HANS-JÖRG RHEINBERGER, YUTAKA MAKINO WED 13.11.2013 | 19:00 h | Free admission What do art and science have in common and what distinguishes them from one another? Over the course of three evenings, stipendiaries of … Continue reading

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TRANSNATURAL (Amsterdam, march/april 2011)

[transnatural; exhibition/symposium, amsterdam 2011; campaign: Lucy McRae] Technology was the means by which mankind seperated itself from nature, and escaped its limitations. In the 21st century we move beyond the animosity between nature and technology. In a lot of areas we … Continue reading

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Rebecca Horn (Video, 1974)

After we have reported on Rebecca Horn’s project here recently, especially about here project “Finger Gloves”, we found one of the videos we were actually looking for. Here it is:

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Performing Disability – Lisa Bufano und die Schönheit des Makels

Double amputeed performance artist Lisa Bufano has turned her “loss” into a profound artistic pursuit that has made her an award winning artist. Originally focused on animation and doll making as a means to explore her body, in 2005 she … Continue reading

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Rebecca Horn – Finger Gloves

German contemporary performance artist and filmmaker Rebecca Horn, performing her “Finger Gloves” in 1972. The image below shows her performance piece in which she wears long balsa extensions on her fingers, an example of her body-extension creations, which play with ideas … Continue reading

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Dancer in the Dark

Selma (Björk), who is becoming blind, has “seen it all” in Von Trier’s “Dancer in the Dark”:

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Disability Embodiment & Performance Technology

[Digitally manipulated still from siren show; woman with outstretched arms] Disability and Embodiment have a long tradition in performing arts and performance studies.  This combination of topics has obviously been increasing in face of the growing implementation of technology.   Interesting … Continue reading

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