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Andy Miah speaks at our Research Colloquium (November 22)

On November 22 (Monday), Andy Miah gives a talk at our T-Labs’ Research Colloquium. Don’t hesitate to spread to spread the word and feel free to join! *** Research Colloquium *** Date: 22.11.2010 Time: 14.00 – 15:30 Location: Deutsche Telekom … Continue reading

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Zwischen Mensch und Maschine – Vom Glück und Unglück des Homo Faber

„Technisierungsprozesse sind dann problematisch …, wenn sie die Offenheit des Menschen nicht mehr befördern, sondern unterlaufen. Dies ist etwa dann der Fall, wenn die neurotechnologische Option als einzige Selbstentfaltungsmöglichkeit gesehen wird.“ Mit dem Buch “Zwischen Mensch und Maschine…” beschert des Philosophen … Continue reading

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Human Augmentation

John hockenberry and Hugh Herr at MIT world on human restauration and augmentation… watch the full clip here!

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Seeing with Sound

A computer based camera tracking system, that converts images into sound…

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Bionic Vision

Blind woman, who now calls herself the “robo-chick”, has a lot of cables connected to her body and is able to “see” with her brain…

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Plugged In: Hearing, With Help (US documentary)

Us-Documentary oabout hearing implants:

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Tom Shakespeare on arguments

Bioethicist Tom Shakespeare talks about why reason doesn’t tell a good story: Shakespeare underlines that people think in stories, narratives or images, rather than in statistics. Found on newscientist

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Blind learn to see with tongue

Remember the game from the childhood, where you would drew pictures on somebody’s back, who then had to guess what it was? This one here is quite similar…

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Deep brain stimulation – Restoring sight to the blind.

John Pezari brings us the award winning idea of restoring images through brain stimulation: Check this article about it on scienceblog! Or find deeper info in his paper: Pezaris, J. S. & Reid, R. C. (2007). Demonstration of artificial visual … Continue reading

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Echolocation – Seeing with sound!

Here’s the first 10 minutes of a documentary called Extraordinary People: The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes. It’s about Ben Underwood, a blind teenager from Sacramento who uses echolocation.  Believe it or not – this documentary called “Extraordinary People” portraits … Continue reading

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Blind people are better at finding their way…

…at least, that is what Madelaine Fortin of the Université de Montréal and her colleagues claim: Together with 19 blind participants and 19 sighted controls for their study they have been researching on blind and sighted spatial orientation. Here you … Continue reading

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