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Ivan Illich: A brief Introduction

Since many of his thoughts and works are still very present in our discourses, we would like to share a brief introduction with some background information about Ivan Illich, we found online:

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Sign Language Course – 6th lesson report

What´s your name?   My name… I can´t write it down anymore. My first name looks like I´m putting something into my hair and saying my name without voice (very important!). My last name looks almost like I´m rowing, also combined … Continue reading

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Initiative Braille!

Due to Louis Braille (04.01.1809 – 06.01.1852) 200th birthday, the “german central library for blind”, in Leipzig (DZB Leipzig) in cooperation with the “german blind- and visually impared alliance” (DBSV) came up with the “Initiative Braille!”. Posters, postcards and a … Continue reading

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Baby-sign-language – to communicate with babys before they speak

Babyzeichensprache – mit Babys kommunizieren bevor sie sprechen können The idea came from the USA in the 1980s. Scientists found out that hearing children from deaf parents were much earlier able to communicate than hearing children from hearing parents. In … Continue reading

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Das große Wörterbuch der Deutschen Gebärdensprache

Yesterday I installed the software for the “Wörterbuch der Deutschen Gebärdensprache” As soon I have time I will take a closer look on it. I´m excited to find out more about this language through this media.

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Sense Parcour (Workshop Review)

In our Sense-Parcour-Workshop (17 august 09), we discussed and experienced the “sense” with kids and teenagers, that actually don’t have visual or accustical impairment. What is it like, when you can suddenly not hear or feel any more? How about … Continue reading

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Sighted Guide

To get a better idea about how blind navigation functions and how blind navigation systems or -interfaces should work, we are also interested in how sighted people people get trained to guide blind people. Certain patterns have been developed through … Continue reading

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International Sign Languages and Multi Touch – A playful learning tool

Found this one. Source unknown…

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Dialog in Silence

Yesterday we went to Dortmund, to visit the DASA exhibition “Dialog im Stillen” (Dialog in Silence). We will report from that soon! [exhibition flyer; DASA; dialog-im-stillen]

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StreetLab features workshops for deaf and blind kids (amongst others).

[StreetLab; Berlin] (German): Neukölln (Berlin) wird vom 10. – 30. August zum Zukunftslabor für mobile Kommunikation – Kinder und Jugendliche gestalten die Zukunft der mobilen Kommunikation gemeinsam mit Design-Forscherinnen und Forschern der Technischen Universität Berlin Ort: Wildenbruchstrasse 88. Im Rahmen der … Continue reading

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Sign Language Course – 1st lesson report

Since we want to learn more about deaf communication, my colleague Sarah and I attended our first lesson at a basic course in sign language. We will, from now on, report from our experience there: In our first lesson (with our deaf teacher … Continue reading

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Berliner Gebärdenbärchen

As a learning- and teaching-tool, the berlin based BGDBB (Berufsverband der Gebärdensprachdozenten Berlin/Brandenburg e.V.) prepared a collection of common and helpfull signs (DGS – Deutsche Gebärdensprache =  German Sign Language) with little Bears as protagonists. A small collection of the … Continue reading

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StreetLab – free summer workshops for young kids on communication and design

StreetLab, a summer project of the Design Research Lab,  offers free workshops for and with youg kids and teeanagers from 10th to 28th of august in Neukölln (Berlin). The workshops will contain creative examinations around the topic fields communication, perception, (social) … Continue reading

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Transfering clarity – from deaf communication to spatial realms

[quick/dirty illu + mobile foto: Tom Bieling] The guys from bsd+design have given an interesting thought about clarity on deaf communication, in this short post. “…For example, in a meeting, those with the loudest voices do not automatically dominate the … Continue reading

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… a research blog developed and run at      

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