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»Sein eigener Designer sein«. Wie Mike als Behinderter seinen Alltag gestaltet.

von Noëmi Burkhalter Sich im Alltag frei bewegen zu können, alles selbständig zu erledigen und zu unternehmen, was man möchte, ist für viele von uns eine Selbstverständlichkeit. Doch was geschieht, wenn durch eine unheilbare Krankheit alltägliche Handlungen zu einer grossen … Continue reading

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Disability Representation and the political Dimension of Art.

Tobin Siebers (University of Michigan) and Tom Bieling (Berlin University of the Arts) thoroughly explore the interconnections between disability, theory, aesthetics, artistic practice, as well as its political dimensions. The discussed elements help in setting the framework to a number … Continue reading

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«Get closer», … «because who is perfect?»

The latest campaign by Pro Infirmis: Two years ago, they already caught attention by their “get closer” campaign:

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Performing Disability – Lisa Bufano und die Schönheit des Makels

Double amputeed performance artist Lisa Bufano has turned her “loss” into a profound artistic pursuit that has made her an award winning artist. Originally focused on animation and doll making as a means to explore her body, in 2005 she … Continue reading

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Medic Esthetic – Good ol’ Shoe

In her project Medic Esthetic, Gwendolyn Huskens of Design Academy Eindhoven deals with the beauty of imperfection, using medical materials like synthetic plaster, bandages and stainless steel in white and skin tones, to make these shoes. A quote from this project: “The esthetics … Continue reading

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Three Recent Books on Disability, Aesthetics, Art and Film.

Three releases around the body, from three different perspectives. In the first one, “Re-Presenting Disability: Activism and Agency in the Museum”, the Editors Richard Sandell, Jocelyn Dodd and Rosemarie Garland-Thomson broach the issue surrounding disability representation in museums and galleries. [Richard … Continue reading

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Reading Chart

Flipside of our latest flyer for a workshop on interaction and visual impairment… [Designabilities // Tom Bieling]

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Francesca Lanzavecchia’s thesis project ‘pro aesthetics supports’ explores the perception of disability through its artefacts. In her project she redesigned common medical artefacts associated with disability such as neck braces, canes, crutches and back braces. [The aid-object grows to accommodate the … Continue reading

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Braille Jewelery

Swiss Jewely Artist Eva K. Bruggmann comes with a collection of braille adaptions for rings. Via Spandow

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The term calligraphy usually evokes an image of beautiful writing and lettering. The series in Jolanta Lapiaks photocalligraphy body of works called Photospeaking and/or Photowriting inspects the notion of calligraphy and deconstructs this notion. “a splendid flash of concrete poetry”, Photospeaking … Continue reading

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Ästhetik der Behinderung: “Psychologie der Hässlichkeit”

We recently found a prior announcement to a lecture course by Prof. Dr. phil., Dipl.-Psych. Dietrich Eggert (Institut für Sonderpädagogik, philosophische Fakultät) at Leibniz University Hannover on the “Psychology of Uglyness”. We haven’t found any further information on content and … Continue reading

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Design Apartheid

Tobin Siebers names LeCorbusier’s “Modulor” as an example for a political unconscious architectural theory. Siebers recognizes here a basis of what Rob Imrie (also known as the co-author of the book: “Inclusive Design: Designing and Developing Accessible Environments“) calls the … Continue reading

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Disability Aesthetics

In Tobin Siebers’ Paper we mentioned earlier (see also the description of our colloquium’s talk in the dates section) , he gives an introductory definition of Disability Aesthetics: “What I am calling disability aesthetics names a critical concept that seeks … Continue reading

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… a research blog developed and run at      

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