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Definitions are dificult, yet it is important to find a basis for further discussions.

we might find different definitions on one topic. preferably we also mention the references: Who said what, when and where…

Lets start with some of these words:

. Disability
. Design Research
. Social Design
. Universal Design
. Inclusive Design
. Design for All
. Augmentative Communication
. Alternative Communication
. …

What distinguishes “Research through Design” from “Design”? (german text)

In one of our last feature discussions on, Prof. Wolfgang Jonas gave a plausible answer: —please excuse: the text is in german — Wie unterscheiden sich Design und RTD hinsichtlich ihrer Ergebnisse? Wann ist es Design, wann ist es … Continue reading

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What is Disability Studies? (and what not!)

Since we are mainly focusing on the correlation, the impact and the relevance of demographic and socio-cultural categories (especially concerning aspects of disability) on form and practice of design (process), as well as its effects on usage and practical use … Continue reading

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Disability Aesthetics

In Tobin Siebers’ Paper we mentioned earlier (see also the description of our colloquium’s talk in the dates section) , he gives an introductory definition of Disability Aesthetics: “What I am calling disability aesthetics names a critical concept that seeks … Continue reading

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Definitions are dificult, yet it is important to find a basis for further discussions. Therefore we would like to find and discuss different definitions, that are linked to our research field.  As Michael Erlhoff and Tim Marshall state in their … Continue reading

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