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Wheelchair Basketball Commercial with surprising twist in the end

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“Behindern ist heilbar”

Über die Print Kampagne “Behindern ist heilbar” vom Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales hatten wir berichtet. Den dazugehörigen KinoSpot hatten wir damals jedoch nicht geteilt, was wir hiermit nachholen:  

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TV Spots by the Norwegian associaton of the Blind

Lovely approach by the Norwegian Association of the Blind to focus on self interest, not social good, in their campaign encouraging companies to hire the blind. Four short TV Commercials from 2011:

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Disability Awareness

Disabiliy Awareness Campaign from 2011…

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Attitude Syndrome

Thanks to GUC Student* Caroline for sharing this campaign clip with us, which she and her group found yesterday! * During his visiting professorship at the German University in Cairo, Tom Bieling has been conducting an intensive and productive workshop … Continue reading

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Voll behindert – Aktion Mensch Campaign

At the end of a recent public discussion of ours, there was an active dispute about the latest AKTION MENSCH campaign. Not all of the participants were familiar with the campaign, thats why we share it with you here: [All three pictures taken … Continue reading

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Victorian Freakshows

For centuries the word ‘freak’ has been used cruelly to describe people born with ‘abnormal’ features, or those able perform extraordinary physical acts by contorting or misshaping their bodies. Freak shows were a particularly popular form of entertainment during the … Continue reading

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Reading Chart

Flipside of our latest flyer for a workshop on interaction and visual impairment… [Designabilities // Tom Bieling]

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rhythm impaired – humorous campaign

US employment agencies have launched a national ad campaign to encourage businesses to employ workers with disabilities. “The ads try to challenge misconceptions about workers with disabilities by offering humorous examples of ‘differences’ among people who are already employed. Among … Continue reading

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I can not see my opponent, but i smell his fear!

Paralympics-Campaign for the “Behinderten- und Rehabilitations-Sportverband Hamburg” (Agency: Red Rabbit)

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Visual Activism – Disability Rights Movement on the banner

Here is some from our collection of activism graphics around the disability rights movement. As far as we know, all authors are unknown. [“Ich bin/werde behindert” by Dieter Werdel] In Germany, in 1981 (the UNO year of the Disabled), the “Krüppelbewegung” (“Cripple Movement”) started … Continue reading

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The poster from the 1996 Atlanta Paralympics uses abstract shapes in a rework of the Olympic logo as a celebration of diversity – catchy, nice and simple.

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My hearing-aid. My secret.

This german advertisement has recently caused discussion amongst various blogger-communities, e.g. lately in the SOZIALHELDEN blog ““.  The picture is taken from a campaign for siemens hearing-aids. It says: “My hearing-aid. My secret.” The general discussion now is, whether this might force … Continue reading

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i am not disabled

[Bildautor: Datenschmiede] A couple of years ago (2005?), austrian-based Datenschmiede refered to the disability topic with the little signet shown above, which (as far as we know) was published by the austrian Disability Network BIZEPS.  It says: “I am not disabled. … Continue reading

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Initiative Braille!

Due to Louis Braille (04.01.1809 – 06.01.1852) 200th birthday, the “german central library for blind”, in Leipzig (DZB Leipzig) in cooperation with the “german blind- and visually impared alliance” (DBSV) came up with the “Initiative Braille!”. Posters, postcards and a … Continue reading

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Body and mind modifications

[Le therapie de Elodie; Graphic via milkandcookies] This shall only be some kind of visual input to our thoughts on the corelation of “disabilities” and “abilites”, and re-inventing and re-evaluating the body. Both pictures come from the amazing output of the belgium-based … Continue reading

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Clip by the Disability Rights Commission (UK)

The award-winning ‘Talk’ portrays a society in which non-disabled people are a pitied minority and disabled people lead full and active lives. Jonathan Kerrigan, of BBC’s ‘Casualty’ fame, plays a business executive whose negative preconceptions of disability are dramatically shattered. … Continue reading

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Lip Reading (Commercial for the Foundation for the Deaf)

The agency DDB Nova Zelândia produced this advertisement for a Foundation for the Deaf with a nice and simple animation…:

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Not a Person!

This argentinian print campaign has been sponsored by various companies. It reads: “A person without rights is not a person”. The subtitle can be loosely translated as: “If you are disabled, make your rights count. Get legal advise and denounce”. … Continue reading

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Don’t disturb the one who’s working

The Norwegian Association of the Blind aims to make people aware not to disturb guide dogs… [Advertiser: Norwegian Association of the Blind; Agency: Try, Oslo; Copywriter: Oystein Halvorsen; Art Director: Karin Lund]

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… a research blog developed and run at      

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