Dementia Lab – The Role of Design


Call for Participation (Essen, Germany – 14 and 15 September, 2016):

Design educators of all disciplines, design researchers and designers are
invited to attend this two-day event on designing together with people with
dementia. Design in all of its forms, from graphic and product design to
industrial design and interactions, is putting more focus on becoming
socially meaningful. One way that design is responding to this is by
working with the growing need of the elderly population and specifically
those with dementia.

Central to this is the question on how to include the person with dementia
their family and (in)formal caregivers in the design process.

In this two day event design educators, designers and
researchers are invited to come and be inspired about how to work with people with
dementia in their own practice. Next to that, those are invited who have
experience in setting up design courses or research projects on designing
for and together with persons with dementia to bring to the table their own
failed and successful approaches.


The two-day event will focus on three central issues:

(1) how to facilitate design education focusing on (participatory)
designing for persons with dementia,

(2) the challenge for design students, practitioners and researchers to
involve persons with dementia in the design process.

(3) reflections on the ways in which working with individuals with
dementia impacts a designer’s current and future way of working.

There will be speakers, presentations and workshops.
Full schedule and speaker list can be found on


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