wild, connected, printed & additional THINGS


The relationships between people and things, objects and other objects have in recent years been discussed by science and arts in highly diverse and controversial ways.

The links between things and people as well as other things are the focus of an exhibition of the courses Communication in Social and Economic Contexts and Industrial Design at the Berlin University of the Arts, which is on view at designtransfer in the context of the Berlin Design Week/DMY International Design Festival 2014.

Where do the self-will and self-logic of things begin? Once they break, resist or connect with each other? The projects by the students of Communication in Social and Economic Contexts investigate such questions of appropriation and experience of things. From prostheses to interfaces to grave goods, the students explore different objects and object-relations and reflect them in individual exhibition formats such as movies, magazines and installations.

Exclusively for for this exhibition, Anja Mück & Luisa Bergander developed the Magazine “Seelenblindheit”, which includes a 12-page Interview with Tom Bieling

Opening: Tuesday, 27 May 2014, 6pm

Exhibition: 28 May to 20 July 2014, Tue-Fri
Tuesday–Friday: 10am – 6pm
Berlin University of the Arts Tour Weekend (19–20 July), 10am – 6 pm
Foyer, UdK Berlin, Einsteinufer 43


About designabilities

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