Community Infrastructuring


Communities can be understood as forms of active engagement, collaboration and knowledge sharing which create new social bonds and be regarded as catalysts for social innovation and participation.

The community infrastructuring research group (Florian Sametinger, Jennifer Schubert, Andreas Unteidig, Malte Bergmann and Bianca Herlo at Design Research Lab Berlin), combines different scholarly perspectives, i.e. urban studies, cultural studies, interaction design and design research, in order to create synergies and new points-of-view on possible futures in the development of urban communities.

Community infrastructing investigates social, material and technological means which enable citizens to address relevant issues. The transdisciplinary research approach is grounded on a meaningful understanding of social contexts, designed artifacts and a research-through-design approach.

This is very much connected to an investigation and pragmatization of the different perspectives of sustainability, of the possibilities of empowerment and of fostering infrastructures for participation.

The overarching goal of the research group is to investigate the role of design in fostering social communities in an urban context.



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