Exhibition in Edinburgh/UK

On friday, 21st of June, an interesting exhibition starts in Edinburgh/UK.

It also includes 3 works, developed in the DESIGN IN(G) SOCIETY Project,that was supervised by Tom Bieling in Cairo and Berlin last semester.

21.06.2013 | Opening 6.30 pm | Short Art Movies Screening

Arab Revolution Exhibition Art as Resistance.

Since 2011, the Arab Revolutions come with an effervescence of artists that resist, reveal, witness, motivate and demand, using their streets, blogs and other social media.

They explore a creative explosion of different visual styles to condemn the violence of the police and the corrupt regimes, but also to pay tribute to Martyrs and address discussions on culture, religion and society.



[Exhibition Poster. Click to enlarge!]

Interestingly all three of the chosen projects share the overall topic of gender inequality in egypt:

Project: Don’t judge me! Aynour Tanataki, Farah Galal, Salma El Far, Samar Khazbak, Shaymaa Ezzo

Project: Female Smoking (Gender Inequality) Doha Salah, Farida Hamid, Olfat Helmy, Perihane Mohamedein, Yara Labib

Project: Sexual Harassment Aya Elsify, Esraa Thabet, Hend Awad, Mennat-Allah Kheireldin, Norhan Abdelmohsen, Noura Hussein

In december 2012, a group of 120 graphic-, media- and product-design students at GUC (German University in Cairo) participated in the project “DESIGN IN(G) SOCIETY”, lead by Tom Bieling (Design Research Lab, Berlin Uni­versity of the Arts), which focuses on the designer’s role in terms of understanding, influencing and creating social sustain­able processes in urban context.

The guiding question were: What role does the design of urban environment and public spaces play in terms of enabling or hindering social interaction? What role do “objects” play in this context? In this, a special fo­cus was laid out on social Interaction between people with “conflict potential” (e.g. old-young, man-woman, rich-poor, different cultural or religious backgrounds, state – people, etc….). Final goal of the course was, to find (designerley) ways of solving the social Problems, the participants discovered, using the broad range of de­sign-relevant issues and skillz (e.g. Product-, Service-, Information-, Interaction-, Event-, …Design).

The course was related to its partner project at GUC Berlin Campus (2012/2013), also conducted by Tom Bieling, and has been accompo­nied by a blog, meant to document the process and the outcomes of this project.


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