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Design Research Lab Berlin is collaborating with DesignInquiry on another experimental workshop-format that will take place in 2012. Our friends and colleagues Alexander Müller-Rakow and Florian Sametinger have been organizing this promising Berlin event, and DESIGNABILITIES is pretty much looking forward to it!

The Call for Participation is still open…

Design City: Berlin
In 2006, Berlin, Germany was designated by UNESCO as the first European City Of Design. From a damaged city, Berlin has evolved into a multi-faceted melting-pot, with all its clashes and conflicts, new beginnings and fresh perspectives. It is unique in its ability to adapt to difficulties and experiment with the given. The radical changes within the city are visible everywhere you go and its constant flux draws artists and designers from all over the world, inviting them to experiment with it and create something new, fill the empty spaces. Berlin is becoming more and more a city of design participation, grassroots activism and DIY-initiatives. Berlin design seldom fits a fixed category of design but rather defines itself in-between disciplines drawing from the international influence and diverse backgrounds of its protagonists. It is a place where new tendencies in design are taken up very quickly, although they might not have been initiated here. Seemingly disparate ideas and approaches get entangled and (re-)mixed into something new.

In this spirit we invite you to participate in an experimental week to investigate and explore the design city, collaborate with its designers and develop and exchange ideas with international colleagues and friends. 

You can participate in two ways:
– attend a gathering in person to share your ideas on the topic, as a talk or discussion, a workshop, an exhibition, a field trip, etc;

– contribute to our WORK by submitting an online essay, photograph, video, sound project, digital art, typography, etc. 

More info: DesignCities BERLIN

DesignCity: BERLIN is a collaboration between DesignInquiry and Design Research Lab. We welcome further conspirators, cohorts, contributors and sponsors as we continue to challenge and explore the notion of the design city.

For more information, visit / Youtube / Lulu / Twitter / FB

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