Feature Discussion ‘Before and After Critical Design’

After our last lively feature discussion in april there will be another interesting one this friday. This time it will be in English again. The discussion is open for everyone to join. Looking forward to your contributions!

Feature Discussion ‘Before and After Critical Design’
Friday, September 2nd

10.00-18.00h (GMT +1)
on www.designresearchnetwork.org

The term ‘Critical Design’ appeared some twenty years ago in the design research community as a particular approach to human-machine interaction. Referring to a longer tradition of critical approaches in design and architecture, it was meant to re-establish alternative views on product and interface design, telling stories about human values and behaviour that were thought to be neglected in commercial product development.

Since then, as a method, strategy, or theoretical perspective, it has been widely interpreted, appropriated, adopted, enchanted and criticized by design researchers. In this feature discussion, the participants will debate the role of Critical Design for design and research practice.

The discussion is open to everyone. Please join!

Invited Discussants:

Simon Bowen, User Centred Healthcare Design, National Institute f. Health Research, UK

Carl DiSalvo, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Li Jönsson, Interactive Institute, Sweden

Tobie Kerridge, Goldsmith College, UK

Tau Ulv Lenskjold, The Danish Design School, Denmark

Ramia Mazé, Interactive Institute, Sweden

Regina Peldzus, Kingston University, UK

Alex Wilkie, Goldsmith College, UK

10.00-11.30 Critical of What? (Moderation: Ramia Mazé)
11.30-13.00 Critical Design outside the Gallery? (Moderation: Simon Bowen)
13.00-14.00 Break
14.00-15.30 Critical and Speculative Design as Scenario Building Approach in Science and Technology Contexts (Moderation: Regina Peldzus)
15.30-17.00 Is there a Post-Critical Design? (Moderation: Carl DiSalvo)
17.00-18.00 Conclusion and Open Questions

Organized by Katharina Bredies, Manager, DesignResearchNetwork

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