Mobile Alert Recognition (Deafness-inspired Interaction at Design Research Lab Berlin)

“Mobile Alert Recognition” is an application that identifies auditory alerts through signal recognition and informs the user about important events.
It results from the Project “Speechless” at the DESIGN RESERACH LAB of the University of the Arts in collaboration with T-Labs Berlin.


The project explores challenges and possibilites for disability-inspired interaction. Main goals are to find ways for enhancing Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) and Information-Communication-Technology (ICT) by transferring properties and principles from ‘disability’ context into general contexts of communication. Therefore we investigate on alternative interaction techniques inspired e.g. by deaf communication or blind navigation.

project: Tom Bieling
direction & camera: Kai Hattermann

more info:

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2 Responses to Mobile Alert Recognition (Deafness-inspired Interaction at Design Research Lab Berlin)

  1. Sarah Schipper says:

    Hey Tom, freu mich die Filme zu sehen! Alles Gute aus Köln! Sarah

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