Thanks to Tangible Sound Lab for exploring interpersonal boundaries through musical interactions in their recent project ‘Skintimacy’, in which Alexander Müller, Jochen Fuchs and Konrad Röpke use skin-based interfaces for collaborative musical performances.

‘Skintimacy’ is intended to be both an evocative tool for interpersonal interaction and touch, as well as an alternative digital musical instrument. By integrating the human skin and touch into the musician-computer interface, a bodily-close haptic and emotional experience is proposed.

Skintimacy: Exploring Interpersonal Boundaries through Musical Interactions from Jochen Fuchs on Vimeo.

Alex on “Experiencing Intimacy”:

“The question of intimacy is brought to the foreground with the upcoming trend in HCI to use skin (and the precision of the sense of touch) as an interface. The collaborative setup is designed to give an auditively perceivable answer to the question: How can intimacy be experienced through sound when humans interact through mutual touch and perform with each other? Furthermore, since the instrument evokes interpersonal interaction, we want to employ Skintimacy as a playful tool that allows for the observation of intimate behaviour. We have discovered that personal and intimate borders are shifting significantly in a performative context where a computational (musical) process is linked to interpersonal touch.”

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