Design Research Lab – Alles NEU!

On the occasion of Gesche Joost‘s inaugural lecture, the Design Research Lab recently celebrated a “houswarming” of its new office at the University of the Arts.

In the course of the establishment of the endowed professorship, the research team transferred to the faculty of design at the University of the Arts Berlin. In cooperation with Deutsche Telekom Laboratories and TU Berlin, a new area of focus emerges for the University of the Arts Berlin, where the potential of research and development through and with design is explored.

The „Design Research Lab” group started in 2005 as a part of the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories and Technical University Berlin. Currently, a team of 9 scientific researchers is working on interdisciplinary design research projects. From the start, the main goal was to mediate the gap between technological innovations and real needs of people in their everyday living environment. Diverse human needs and requirements are addressed: of the elderly and teenagers, families and singles, people with different abilities and disabilities.

Main questions are:

How would we like to communicate and interact in the future?
What kind of design methods serve us in research and development?
How can people be integrated into research and development as experts of their everyday life?
Which forms of technological development and innovations can be utilized to improve social, environmental and economic sustainability?

The University of the Arts Berlin is becoming part of an international development, in which design is positioned as a major research field.
Within the framework of PhD-projects and interdisciplinary research approaches, several different contributions to the international scientific and design discourse are in development: New ways of tactile interaction with devices (“embodied interaction”), and textiles (“interwoven technology”), gender-specific requirements of communication technologies (“gender-inspired technologies”), concepts of sustainability in local neighborhoods (“networked neighbourhoods”) and alternative ways of communication inspired by (“sign language”) of deaf people.

Check out the new website:

About designabilities

DESIGNABILITIES is an open-access journal established since 2009, managed and edited by....
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