Mad People’s History (Video)

In his online course at Ryerson University,  David Reville, an instructor with the School of Disability Studies, explains how the history of madness differs from the history of psychiatry, and highlights the importance of including the diverse perspectives of people diagnosed as mad, insane, or mentally ill.

In this course, the stories of mad people are considered to address a question that is rarely raised in academic circles: in their own words, what is the history that mad people have lived over the centuries and what are the implications of that collective experience for contemporary times?

Here is the introducing video clip:

Introducing Mad People’s History from ChangSchool. [© 2010 Ryerson University]

The central aspect is about the difference between history of psychiatry and mad people’s history. While the former is about the psychiatrist’s perspective, the latter focuses on the concerned people’s perspectives.

Reville also mentions (but does not deeper describe) the fact that “madness is different when you are e.g. a woman, gay or low classed”

To be continued…

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