Two weeks ago, the netherland-based Deaf-Party Crew SENCITY celebrated their first party abroad, here in berlin (Glashaus).

A great opportunity not only to meet our former colleague Oscar again, but also to get an idea of what the announced highlights would be like:

“Aromajockeys” (who used to big fans and two hotplates to exume different fragnances around the party-people),

[AromaJockeys; Foto: Tom Bieling]

“Sensefloor” (a light-effected floor to transmitt the bass-vibrations, however the wooden original floor in the backside of the room seemed to transmitt the vibrations much stronger),

“Taste Sensations” (not sure, where and what they were. we therefore concentrated on the taste sensations “beer” and “tequilla”) and

“Signdancers” (deaf dancers who performed on stage from time to time and performed very cool with sign-language choreografies in real-time to the song-lyrics).

Last but definately not least, it was an opportunity to see this night’s main act SIGNMARK perform live.

Deaf HipHop MC SIGNMARK has become kind of a role model amongst the international young Deaf Community over the years, and it was a pleasure to see the crowd (of which approximately a third must have been non-deaf) go mad and celebrate together to tracks like “Actions speak louder than words”

[SignMark: “If you wanna Talk to the man
The man don’t Listen, Talk to the hand!”
Foto: Tom Bieling]

Originally SenCity happens in Utrecht (once a year?). A long journey for us. But if they come back to berlin, we’ll show up again next time.

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