Graham Pullin speaks at our Research Colloquium (on 9th of august)

We are happy to have Graham Pullin as a guest speaker at our next Research Colloquium at T-Labs on monday, 9th of august. Graham will talk about aspects from his book, as well about some of his latest projects, e.g. the “speaking chairs”.
Feel free to join!

[Graham Pullin]

Research Colloquium 9th of august 2010:

“Design meets Disability”
Graham Pullin

Design is becoming more inclusive in the welcome participation of disabled people – but another group are often conspicuous by their absence in disability-related design: designers! The multidisciplinary teams involved are often exclusively clinical and technical, whereas the sensibilities as well as the skills of art-school trained designers would enrich the mix.
For example, radical but sensitive interaction design could make a contribution to the everyday lives of people with complex communication needs. Six Speaking Chairs from the author’s own research will be introduced, which explores more expressive tone of voice from speech technology. Subtle Subtitles by Calum Pringle uses speech recognition software to support people with dysarthric speech.

BIO: Graham Pullin was a senior interaction designer and studio head at IDEO London, where his clients included Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Intel. He is now Course Director of Digital Interaction Design (formerly Interactive Media Design) at the University of Dundee. He is author of Design meets disability published by The MIT Press, which argues that more radical design sensibilities could be invaluable in disability-related design.

HOST: Tom Bieling

the talk will start at 14h at
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, Berlin
20th floor

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