Music and Deafness

In the context of popular music, there has always been an ambivalent relation to Loudness. On the one hand, certain music needs a certain volume to be fully perceived by the audience (think of live gigs or parties), on the other the hearing organ is a very sensitive one, that needs to protection.
Within this ambivalence, sometimes some kind of coolness factor comes into play. Like “Oh, yesterday was so loud, i feel kinda deaf now. yeah!”

Many Bands, Fans and Party-Promoters deal with that topic, e.g. with the naming of events, album-titles etc…

[Punk Band “Disorder”, 7 inch EP: “Distortion To Deafness”]

[Electro/Abstract Act “Sudden Deaf”, Flyer 1]

[Electro/Abstract Act “Sudden Deaf”, Flyer 2]

[Industrial Band “Deaf Machine”, Album Cover: “Transistor”]

[Psychedelic Band “Deaf”, Album Cover: “Alpha”]

[“Queens of the Stoneage”, Album Cover: “Songs for the Deaf”]

[“Clawfinger”, Album Cover: “Deaf Blind Dumb”]

[Experimental/Progressive Band “Deaf Avenger”, Album Cover: “Queen of Infinity”]

[“Sudden Deaf”, Band Logo]

[Harcore Band “Deafness by Noise”, Flyer]

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