One Day blind in Berlin

Check out our video from our Self Experience “One Day blind in Berlin” (we reported from it in november here!):

How do blind people navigate in public areas?
How do sighted people react on a blind person?
How does it feel if you have to orientate and navigate by acoustic and sense?
These are some of the questions we asked ourselfes before we went out to experience, what it is like to be »one day blind in berlin«. Some of the answers on these questions might not be new, but for us the experience definitely was!

On that day we went e.g. to the mostly very crowded »Alexanderplatz«, visited a big shopping mall and several shops and stores, tried on clothes, received some shopping consultations, bought stuff, took a ride with the underground metro and the suburban railway, went to »Brandenburger Tor«, walked down the Street »Unter den Linden«, grabbed some food, and had a coffee.

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