Body and Environment – Mutual Influence

[Joris Laarman‘s Bone Chair]

Since we have been aksing ourselves, how odies and environment influence one another, we are not only looking for evidence of body modification caused by artificial world, but also of  artifacts influenced by body model.

Laarman’s “Bone Chairs”, inspired by human bones growth, are one of such examples for biomimetic techniques. In face of various contemporary project examples of grown objects and material, it does not really matter, wether this example might just be an “illustrative biomimicmarketing of a clever stylist” (like nextnature brings it up to discussion).

However important is the evidence, that body and environment definately can and do inspired one another, wheter in a mechanical/technical or in a rather aesthetic way.

[Joris Laarman‘s Bone Chair]

Via nextnature and  Coolhunting. See also: Treetrunk Bench, Folding Chair, How to grow a Chair, Sketch furniture, Living Furniture, Dynamic Terrain.


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