What a pity, that we missed last year’s electronic art exhibion thisAbility vs. Disability –
Looking at Disability through Creative Senses
in Seoul.

The exhibition presented ten interactive electronic art installations examining themes of human capability through creative transition of the senses.

The curators’ intention was to invite a “reappraisal of disability”. An excerpt from the Annoncement: “the Visitors enjoy creative alterations of auditory, visual and tactile sensations that may cause them to question themselves; in the process, they may also re-examine bases of their social judgments. These artworks can spark revelations that break social prejudice and affirm difference.”

Unfortunately we could not experience the shown material, but at least we get an idea from it, reading the descriptions and looking at the pictures on

including: “a painting “seen” by your hand touching the wind; a digital musical instrument played by facial gestures; a robot responding to your voice; a table converting your touch into light; a block transforming Braille into sound; and harmonic bells giving sound to your heartbeat”.  

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