Disability Embodiment & Performance Technology

[Digitally manipulated still from siren show; woman with outstretched arms]

Disability and Embodiment have a long tradition in performing arts and performance studies.  This combination of topics has obviously been increasing in face of the growing implementation of technology.  

Interesting literature has been published quite a lot about that.  Representatively for the moment i would like to add one paper by Petra Kuppers (published in the proceedings of the Congress on Research in Dance, Tallahassee, Florida, 2005), where she broaches the issue of different uses of technology in contemporary disability performance work and the potential relations between media technologies used as part of dance aesthetics and (the contemporary developments of traditional) access technologies.

There is certainly a lot more and really good books out there (* Just two out of many are shown here, below this text!). But i would still like to post the link to Kuppers’ paper here, since she strikes some interesting thoughts in her text:

“The use of technologies in community performances create nexi of problems around access, power, centre and periphery, background and foreground, ownership, presence and representation.”  

* these are the books, mentioned above!

[Klein, Gabriele / Sting, Wolfgang: Performance – Positionen zur zeitgenössischen szenischen Kunst]
[Meyer, Helge: Schmerz als Kunst – Leiden und Selbstverletzung in der Performance Art]

[Both books by transcript]

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