Legs and Crutches

Vilnius based Designer Mantas Lesauskas comes with a two topic-related objects.
The first one is called JIS IRGI STALAS (engl. = “It’s also a table”), in which he seems to draw a parallel between human and artificial disabilities, or rather shows a projection of human disabilities (and it’s social construction) into an artifact. How do we judge on an object that needs handicap-support? What’s the parallel of our judgement to prejudices we have against disabled people?

Lesauskas writes on notcot: “‘the work represents a struggle to talk about social problems through design objects. Former soviet countries experience a big problem with the integration of the handicapped into society.”

Lesauskas idea contains an interesting direction, since a table’s buttresses are usually called “legs”.

[Copyright: Mantas Lesauskas]

Another project of his is called WHITESTICK – a lamp made from a blind man’s stick:

[Copyright: Mantas Lesauskas]


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