Selfexperience Day

Last week, we went out on the street trying to find our way and find out more about being blind in public. We called it our selfexperience day, on which we explored orientation and navigation in Berlin with a white stick, and sunglasses to cover our eyes. In preparation for this day, we got quick instructions from a nice lady at the Allgemeiner Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein Berlin e.V. who trains blind people in mobility, on how to use the stick properly, things we can easily try out and things we shouldn´t do at all.

One after another we walked arround blind, lead by the other by voice- or tactiledirection. Both worked fine after a while, getting adjusted to leading the other. Blind orientation on our own would not have worked at all! Amazing how blind people travel on their own to unknown places! Usualy a blind mobility training takes about 60 hours of training, there are so many things to learn when moving in public withought sight. Here are some impressions of the difficulties we had to deal with:

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