Easy signs

Finally I got to install the “Wörterbuch der Deutschen Gebärdensprache”.

As recommended to us, it is really easy to use and gives a great overview on how substantial and complex the german sign language (DGS) is. Still, I found some really nice and easy to understand  signs for those words:

aus (ausschalten)/off: the signer actually turns a turning knob,

durch (hindurch und untendurch)/through: one hand/finger looks like its going underneath or through something,

Arbeitsunfall/accident at work: both hands have a crash, they bump together and apart,

Bruttolohn und Nettolohn/gross pay and net pay: looks like you get money eather onto the back of your hand (brutto/gross), or into your hand (netto/net), to me this sign actually looked like getting money “auf die nackte Hand”, as we sometimes say in germany,

Pleite/bankrupt: the sign shows empty trouser pockets,

Bakterie/bacillus: the sign looks like a lot of little insects come at you,

abschleppen/towing: one finger pulls the other.

All these signs are very much related to the words meanings. From my point of view, the visualisation or the signing for these words are very easy to understand, even funny.

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