Disability as a ‘teacher’ to non-disabled society (Interview with Tanya Titchkosky)

“Since each of us is or is going to become disabled if we live long enough, it is vital that notions of disability stay with us.”
— Tanya Titchkosky

I just listened to this interview with Tany Titchkowsky*.

As Disability studies is a discipline, that moves away from the medical model toward an examination of the social responses to disability, Tanya Titchkosky argues that disability can teach us about the disabling structures of society. She further talks about how cultures produce images of disability and asks: do we confirm, remake or resist these images?

Titchkosky argues that disability can and should be a ‘teacher’ to, and about, non-disabled or ‘temporarily abled’ society

Here you can listen to the whole interview (ca. 30 minutes)!

* Professor Tanya Titchkosky is an assistant DISABILITY STUDIES professor in the Department of SOCIOLOGY AND EQUITY STUDIES (Disability Studies) at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. She is the author of these two books:

“Reading and Writing Disability Differently: The Textured Life of Embodiment
(University of Toronto Press, 2007)

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“Disability, Self and Society
(University of Toronto Press, 2003)

Disability, Self, and Society

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