Baby-sign-language – to communicate with babys before they speak

Babyzeichensprache – mit Babys kommunizieren bevor sie sprechen können

The idea came from the USA in the 1980s. Scientists found out that hearing children from deaf parents were much earlier able to communicate than hearing children from hearing parents.

In the USA and England it seams to be an established offer for young parents, Au Pairs and specialists to learn baby-sign-language to communicate with babys they nurse.

Babys, able to communicate with those babysigns at the age of 14 month, are supposed to have a much richer vocabulary at the age of four years than others.

In studies of Susan Goodwyns, Ph. D. Psychologie Department and Linda Acredolos, Ph. D. Psychologie Department, University of California, they found those children benefit much in terms of selfperception, development and selfconfidence. Many of them show advance in writing, progress in language, reading, writing and intelligence up to the time they visit school.

It sais, Babys develop motor activity of their hands much earlier than the ability for speech. Therefore the baby-sign-language enables them to communicate their current needs at an earlier stage. The ability to communicate with the environment leads also to a much more satisfied baby in all.

The babysigns are simplified signs from the German sign language (in Germany).

Supporters of the Baby-sign-language further claim, that it has a positive impact on the cognition and emotional development of a child. It also leads to a holistic learning and experiencing the environment by their senses.

There has been pro- and contra-discussions going on for quite a while now. We are not the ones to judge on it, but we will keep an eye on the on-going research within that field.


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