Deaf StreetLab (Review)

Our Workshop with with deaf Teenagers at the StreetLab (13 august 09) was interesting and fun. We had two Sign Language Translators to support us. We talked about specifics and properties of Deaf Life. What are typical problems for Deaf People, but also: What are the benefits of deaf communication. Interesting: The participants considered around 50% disadvantages and 50% advantages of being deaf!
Afterwards we collected first ideas and developed first concepts and rapid prototypes for wise products.
We are looking forward to repeating our workshop sessions with the people from SINNESWANDEL in octobre.

[One of our Sign Language translators in action]

[Claudia’s Rapid Prototype for a 3D Sign Language Translator]

[Inara’s Prototype for a phone to hang up against the wall, while your singing to the included camera. Not only Deaf People have the problem, that can not use their second hand to sign, because they hold the phone in the other hand!]

[Tom’s prototype for a Sign-Translator-Puppet-Device. Different Status messages can be sent and received by being immediately translated into Sign-, written- or spoken language]

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