Sign Language Course – 3rd Lesson Report

In our third lesson in Sign Language, we learned some more basic words, we learned how to “mirror” geometrical forms, played “silent post” (”stille Post”) – of course only by signing – which was again pretty fun. We furthermore got more skillz in certain mimcs (e.g. “in love”, “angry”, “bored”…), we learned numbers (1 – 100), we learned about the differences between subjects and verbs (chair – to sit; airplane – to fly) and practiced our skillz in “Finger Alphabet”.
This time we noticed:

  • similar signs (hand-movement) can mean different things, depending on what you do with e.g. your head, your eyes, your mouth etc.
  • means: context based body movements in different combinations open the space for a bigger word pool

Please, check out our other lesson reports above and below this one!

Sarah has already written a report on our second lesson and will publish it soon here.

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