Book: Choosing children

We haven’t checked out Jonathan Glovers Book yet. We will soon:

Glover, Jonathan
Choosing Children: Genes, Disability, and Design

Oxford University Press, 2008
ISBN (13): 978-0-19-923849-1
ISBN (10): 0199238499
120 pages

The publisher describes it as follows:
“A philosophy guide that explores the ethics of disability and genetics.”

Introduction; 1. Disability and Genetic Choice; Disability and Human Flourishing; Eugenics?; 2. Parental Choice and What We Owe to Our Children; The Boundaries of Parental Choice; Two Dimensions of Ethics; What do We Owe to Our Children? A Decent Chance of a Good Life; What do We Owe to Our Children? Respect for Identity and Autonomy; 3. Human Values and Genetic Design; The Genetic Supermarket, Inequality, and Entrapment; Should We Defend a Central Core of Human Nature?; The Further Future

[book cover; Oxford University Press]


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