iPhone as a Hearing Aid?

[picture: soundAMP; AppStore]

iPhone’s App Store recently added soundAMP, a hearing aid application available for $9.99.
The app basically takes everything that reaches the phone’s microphone, and makes it louder.
Manually adjustment and choose from different equalizer settings are possible. It also includes a replay of the last five seconds of everything you’ve heard.

As we have read so far, i does not seem to really substitute a real proper hearing aid, but not least for the hearing people, it might be a fun toy, since it somehow gives you the impression of a superhuman hearing. And for sure it could be helpfull for more casual use – e.g. for listening to a quite speaker in a lecture.

By now, one of the soundAMP’s major deficits could be ambient noise (e.g. background voices, a fan, air-conditioning, electronicl devices etc), that can become irritating at higher levels. But this should be something to possibly be solved in future versions.


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