Deaf Music – Gehörlose Musik (by DIE TÖDLICHE DORIS)

In November 1998, many hearing-impaired people – and an equal amount of those who could hear just fine – made their way to the Prater der Berliner Volksbühne to witness a process as part of a series of events called ‘Gehörlose Musik’ (music for the deaf or ‘soundless music’), initiated by “Freunde guter Musik” (friends of good music). 

The deaf music project was an experiment by the berlin based music-media-art-performance-combo “Die tödliche Doris” (translates to “Deadly Doris”), who travelled across many music-and-art borders in the 1980’s.

Now this DVD, released by Edition Kröthenhayn, brings the music of this legendary, long unavailable LP from 1981 back to life – in the guise of gestures, signs, interaction and movement.

[picture: DVD cover; Edition Kröthenhayn]

In November 1998, Wolfgang Müller, founder of „Die Tödliche Doris“, decided to re-release the band’s sought-after and long unavailable first vinyl LP. However, not as sound, but as a gesture: Sign language interpreters Dina Tabbert and Andrea Schulz translated and reshaped the lyrics and music of “                ” using nothing but signs and gestures. The result of this transmutation is a ‘soundless’ music, expressed entirely within and through the body, gestures, movements, interaction and facial expressions.

via: Edition Kröthenhayn

DVD Box: 
Die Tödliche Doris
“Gehörlose Musik in gebärdensprachlicher Gestaltung”.
(“Deaf Music: Die tödliche Doris in signs and gestures”).
Verlag: Edition Kröthenhayn


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