Definitions are dificult, yet it is important to find a basis for further discussions.
Therefore we would like to find and discuss different definitions, that are linked to our research field. 

As Michael Erlhoff and Tim Marshall state in their design dictionary , there are no definitions, no final versions, to fix design and it’s facettes. Everything is in a state of flux, everything is being permanently observed and discussed. Design is not static, but alive. It is being realized by use and permanent discussion.

Thus we like to collect and discuss descriptions and definitions, in order to open up perspectives and orientation. We might find different definitions on one topic, well, … even better!

Preferably we also mention the references: Who said what, when and where…

Lets start with some of these words:

. Disability
. Design Research
. Social Design
. Universal Design
. Inclusive Design
. Design for All
. Augmentative Communication
. Alternative Communication
. …


About designabilities

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